Cert III in Telecommunications Technology

Course Name: ICT30213 - Certificate III in Telecommunications
Course Code: ICT30213
Course Duration: 24 months
Training Plans: Certificate III in Telecommunications - $3800.00 ($800.00 payable on enrolment)

This qualification prepares an individual for entry to the industry into the mainstream of telecommunications convergence technologies of radio, optical, data and IP networks.

The new ICT30213 Cert III in Telecommunications has superceded the former Cert III ICT30210, which as of July last year was to be discontinued by all Registered training organisations for those who weren't already signed up for the course.


Students will be assessed using both practical, which can be held either at the students workplace or Broadband Connects head office and theory based training using a state of the art Online Learning Management System (LMS), which will guide the students holistically through their training program.

Qualification Requirements:

None required.

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
BSBSUS301A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices Core
ICTCBL3015A Locate and identify cable system faults Core
ICTTEN2008A Use electrical skills in telecommunications work Core
ICTTEN2140B Use hand and power tools Core
ICTTEN3056A Install telecommunications network equipment Core
ICTWHS2170B Follow work health and safety and environmental policies and procedures Core
BSBSMB305A Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business Elective
CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry Elective
ICAICT302A Install and optimise operating system software Elective
ICAICT303A Connect internal hardware components Elective
ICAICT304A Implement system software changes Elective
ICASAS301A Run standard diagnostic tests Elective
ICASAS305A Provide IT advice to clients Elective
ICTBWN3088B Install optical fibre splitters in fibre distribution hubs Elective
ICTBWN3090B Install lead-in module and cable for fibre to the premises Elective
ICTBWN3100B Work safely with live fibre to test and commission a fibre to the x installation Elective
ICTCBL2064A Haul underground cable Elective
ICTDRE3156B Install digital reception equipment Elective
ICTDRE3157B Locate and rectify digital reception equipment faults Elective
ICTDRE3165A Install a complex digital reception system Elective
ICTOHS2080A Provide telecommunications services safely on roofs Elective
ICTOHS2153B Work safely near power infrastructure Elective
ICTRFN3055A Install a radio communications antenna and feedline Elective
ICTRFN3070A Install mobile telecommunications in motor vehicles Elective
ICTRFN3146A Install WiMAX customer premises equipment broadband wireless access equipment Elective
ICTRFN3155A Construct and test a radio communications device Elective
ICTRFN3175A Operate and maintain radio communications technical instruments and field equipment Elective
ICTTEN2219A Install and test internet protocol devices in convergence networks Elective
ICTTEN3054B Provide infrastructure for telecommunications network equipment Elective
ICTTEN3063A Locate, identify and rectify recurrent network faults Elective
ICTTEN3074A Recover customer premises equipment Elective
ICTTEN3075A Refurbish customer premises equipment Elective
ICTTEN3077B Commission an electronic unit Elective
ICTTEN3089A Repair and replace telecommunications network hardware Elective
ICTTEN3104A Maintain an electronic system Elective
ICTTEN4198A Install, configure and test an internet protocol network Elective
ICTWOR3028A Organise resources Elective
ICTWOR3035A Organise material supply Elective
ICTWOR3041A Schedule resources Elective
ICTWOR3093A Manage spare parts Elective
ICTWOR3127A Supervise worksite activities Elective
ICTWOR3231A Resolve technical enquiries using multiple information systems Elective
ICTWOR3232A Collect and analyse technical information Elective
BSBSMB306A Plan a home based business Elective A
ICTEDU3053A Train customers in new technology Elective A
ICTSMB4160A Set up and operate a contractor business Elective A
ICTSMB4161A Operate a contractor business with employees Elective A
ICTBWN3082B Perform tests on optical communication system and components Elective B
ICTCBL2065B Splice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and service providers Elective B
ICTCBL2136B Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule Elective B
ICTCBL2137B Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule Elective B
ICTCBL3009B Install, terminate and certify structured cabling installation Elective B
ICTCBL3010B Install and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises Elective B
ICTCBL3011B Install and terminate coaxial cable Elective B
ICTCBL3013A Perform cable and system test on customer premises Elective B
ICTCBL3018A Install underground enclosures and conduit Elective B
ICTCBL3019A Install underground cable Elective B
ICTCBL3020A Construct aerial cable supports Elective B
ICTCBL3021A Install aerial cable Elective B