Just a Reminder

From 1 July 2014, all registered cablers undertaking specialised cabling that work in customer premises must have the appropriate endorsements or have attained the appropriate competencies in order to undertake these types of cabling work.

These changes came into effect on 1 July 2012. Registered cablers were given a 2-year transition period to attain the appropriate qualifications.

What is Specialised Cabling work?

Specialised cabling work is any installation, maintenance or repair work that involves;

  • Broadband (data or co-axial cable in a lift or the home/small office environment); or
  • Structured (data cable such as Cat 5 or Cat 6); or
  • Optical Fibre cable; or
  • Coaxial cable.

Note: The “Broadband” competency applies only to Lift or Restricted registered cablers and permits them to perform data or Coaxial cabling work in a lift or home/small office environment within the limits specified by their Lift or Restricted registration. The Structured, Optical Fibre and Coaxial competencies are only applicable to open registered cablers.