ACMA Endorsements

Given the new ACMA requirements for specialised cabling, all registered cablers will need to gain the relevant endorsements on their Open Cabling License.

The five main endorsements on offer due to requirement are Structured Cabling (covering Cat5, Cat 5E and above), Coaxial Cabling, Optical Fibre Internal Cabling, Underground and Aerial.
Now since July 1st 2014 the following Endorsements on your ACMA approved licensese have been broken up into multiple categories, each pertaining to seperate skills or knowledge required to attain the required licensing endorsement.

For details on each of the following courses, please click on the Endorsements you require…


Optical Fibre Courses:

Perform tests on Optical communications system and components

Splice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and service providers

Install and terminate optical fibre cable on premises


Testing Courses:

Perform cable and system test on customer premises


Structured / Data Courses:

Install, terminate and certify structured cabling installation


Coax Cabling Courses:

Install and terminate coaxial cable


Underground Cabling Courses:

Install underground enclosures and conduit

Install underground cable


Aerial Cabling Courses:

Construct aerial cable supports

Install aerial cable